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Crafting a meaningful story around your brand allows you to connect with the people who care about what you do. Share the stories of the passionate people who helped you build your brand to show people who you are and why you care.


Strategy is key. Crafting a knockout strategy is the first step to connecting with the influencers around your brand. Building brand advocates takes time, but with a thoughtful authentic approach your brand will attract passionate, loyal followers.


Learning who you are is one of life’s ever evolving journeys. Discovering your brand identity isn’t just choosing the right icons and colors, instead it involves delving deep into the idea behind your brand to find out why you do what you do.

Patrick Lane in a Redwood Tree

Patrick Ryan Lane

I love creative stories, but I often prefer to listen, watch and learn. Throughout my life I have had the opportunity to meet and learn from incredible people in amazing places around the world. I have always been passionate about technology and how it plays a massive role in the interconnectivity that we are navigating every day. I believe that technology is a tool to help people connect in new and creative ways. I love exploring the world around me and I keep my eyes forward ever chasing my next adventure.

Learn, explore, and open your heart wider.