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First post. Okay, inner critic is on the bench for this one or I won’t write it at all. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with a witty, awesome, world altering post for the past 24 hours and I feel like I’m trying a bit too hard. So in lieu of a post to figure out life as a post-grad, I’m going to write a post to figure out my new coat!

I received an early Christmas present from my parents last night, an upgrade to a Nautica Melton Pea Coat, which I can honestly say I love. I’m stepping up in the world from my three year old Aéropostale Pea Coat (stole it for a mere $25. 75% off!!!), which had a strange affinity for lint. The Nautica Pea Coat is awesome if I do say so myself, and has some pretty nice features, from slash hand pockets to an inner breast pocket. I will admit I have been against the hand pockets, but as of my first time wearing this coat, I concede that they have become my favorite feature, followed closely by the epaulettes, for that added #swag.

The double breasted Pea Coat has been used for years by the United States Navy as well as European Navies to keep sailors warm in cold weather. The Nautica coat harkens back to the traditional style, with military accents. The buttons, while plastic and rather thin, have a naval insignia, and the shoulders are adorned with a simple bar epaulette, which, in my opinion, ties the look together. The whole coat has a great cut to it, and looks sleek and gives your frame sharp clean edges.

I’m really looking forward to giving this coat some good use this winter. Now I just need a nice pair of leather gloves and I’ll be on my way to not looking like a college freshman.

So there you have it, first post. Bam. There are a few articles and blogs I think tie in well with the post-grad fashion conundrum I, and many of my friends (step it up men!) are facing. So may I present for your reading pleasure: – a style blog to guide you, and one of my favorite blogs, period.

Advice on Dressing like a Post-Collegiate Adult Male – A few choice words of wisdom from the guys at

And if you too would like my new coat, has it on sale now.

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